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^ This song will always be Magical Sakuya-chan's theme to me <3

Taiga welcomes you with peace and love~


Thank you for coming by my ol' profile!
I mean, it's not that old, but the whole "I've been here since 2011" is old.. I think?
But don't make you think otherwise!
I'm open to talk to those old and new among the site!
Really, if you have something to say, then please do~

Name's Kuro-Kinny but you're welcome to call me Kin for short.
"Where does my username originate from?"
To answer your question, I've had a username before dA that resembled Kinny in a way and Kuro came from my love for Kuroneko from Oreimo~
If you haven't watched it yet, I say you should!

I'm trying to be more of a conversationalist, but it's a lil difficult knowing I'm an introvert.
Ah ha ha ha~
My hobbies that I enjoy doing are taking photos of my figurines in some fashion and writing fanfictions and poetry from time to time.
As of when this was written, I'm more into writing more~
But I still enjoy photography too!
Don't get me wrong.

As for the figurines, they mostly sit in boxes nowadays because I got nowhere else to set them.
It's a bit saddening, really.
-sniffs a bit-

I also play video games from time to time, but that'll depend on whether or not I got the time for it.
It's mostly a "meh" to me. Lol.

Now I guess talk about anime here!
Hmm, as for my favorites, there's a bunch but that varies. I'm not the type to keep up with "current" or "mainstream" stuff so.. expect a "What?" from me.
There are also anime series that I don't like because of reasons.

Characters I like/love~
*Belongs to a video game series

Taiga Aisaka (ToraDora!)
Minori Kushieda (ToraDora!)
Kyouko Sakura (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
Mami Tomoe (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
Yomi Takanashi/Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter)
Strength (Black Rock Shooter)
Kuroneko (OreImo)
Kurisu Makise (Steins;Gate)
Suzuha Amane (Steins;Gate)
Mayoi Hachikuji (Bakemonogatari)
*Sakuya Izayoi (Touhou Project)
*Flandre Scarlet (Touhou Project)
*Remilia Scarlet (Touhou Project)
*Rin Kaenbyou (Touhou Project)
*Kogasa Tatara (Touhou Project)
*Nana (Akiba's Trip: Undead and Undressed)
Nymph (Sora no Otoshimono)
Kobato Hasegawa (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/Haganai)
Maria Takayama (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/Haganai)
Sena Kashiwazaki (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai/Haganai)
Francesca Lucchini (Strike Witches)

I'll add more to it when I got more to.. add. Yup.

So.. yeah.
That's my long list of stuff.

I hope you'll have an awesome day!
Ah ha ha..

Hope to see you around!~

- Kin

(Last updated on June 23rd, 2015~)


There was like a few times of me thinkin' back then when I wasn't here that I should probably quit deviantART, but what would that accomplish?
I still have somewhat of a tendency to have something to show, but sadly, it isn't as good as anything else, but at the least, I'll try.
I've had a conversation lately about my hobbies with my friend. (He wouldn't read this 'cause he hasn't been active here for the longest time, but f*ck you bro. Just kidding. Love you hardcore~ No homo lol)
Said that things are feelin' bland so I'm hoping to change that in the near future.
Or however near could be.
I've also stated how much lacking I have when it comes to friends or having one or two.
It's the typical stuff I've had before and again.

I wonder if I'm just feelin' like I've been restricted by somethin'.
I'm hopin' that my occupation thing changes all that once September comes around.
I remember bein' active around the time when I got into photography a long time ago, then it slowly goes away bit by bit.
Until the time now.

Writin' is fun, but not a lot of people would read stuff here, that's for sure.
If you made it this far without bein' bored, I applaud you.

As of late, I've been studying to gettin' a learner's permit 'cause of two reasons.
One, I shoulda got one a long time ago and two.. I'm not getting any younger. Lol.
Let's leave it at that.

I've gotten a touchscreen phone and it's pretty nice.
Taiga's in my background and everything~ <3
I'll probably show it off some time soon.
I said "touchscreen" rather than "smartphone" 'cause it's not that smart. Lol.
Random crap is random.

I've been reading up a lot on The Legend of Zelda Historia from my book I've bought at work.
I know it was released back in 2011 but it was still cool to have it.
I was going to take a pic of it with my Skyward Link Figma but I haven't..
I know, I suck.
I also need to get my hands on the Skyward Sword game 'cause I haven't PLAYED IT YET!
Waaaaaaah... and apparently Skyward Sword is the start of the LoZ timeline. = w=
I've also listened to a lot of theories concerning the LoZ series.
All of them interesting~

I've also ate a lot of Pocky lately~
...They're delicious, don't judge me! > w<

Uhhh.. I need to post that game commentary thing soon. = 3=
If anyone likes it to be live.

Hmm.. uhh..
Who wants to be friends? <3

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         "I never expected to move away from the city." she mumbled to herself as she prepared for school that early morning. "T'be honest, I didn't think there were any witches here to begin with." There was no one else around her as she spoke in a small room which was in a bit of a mess. A number of clothing and some leftover containers of snacks occupied the floor along with her bed which had a blanket about her body size. The only other thing that resembled furniture was a single worn desk with a lamp on top. To the left of the door that is used to come in and out of was a single frame window. It had a way to open, but there was only so far it could be slid open before it gets stuck. The young girl sighed a bit as she looked out that window as she undresses herself, wondering how everyone will react to her. The first time she had introduced herself was some time ago with a blue hair chick who believed her wish would make differences in her life. Before she knew it, she had quite a strong comparison to the girl and at the time, she didn't want to have her make the same mistakes. As of now, she is good friends with the girl and would talk from time to time.
         The thoughts of this long-haired red head continued until she realized that time was ticking without her, leaving her time to dress but not enough to eat. Her stomach grumbled, but she ignored it as she put on her top and skirt for school. "Ugh..." She said while looking at herself. She hated skirts due to the fact that they make her feel feminine. The red top was something she liked while the blue ruffled skirt was disgusting. If it weren't for school, she'd take them off and burn them real good until it turns to ash. The thought itself amused her. She laughed a good one off while putting her socks and shoes on. The young girl threw her bag over her right shoulder and walked out the door with a grin on her face.
         The sun was bright out and the sky was cloudless so you can see the blue above as far as the eye could see. Her long red hair flowed with the breeze as she had her hands up behind her head. Her hair also had a black hairband tied up to make a long ponytail. It was soft and straight, almost as beautiful as the girl's smile. The girl's name was Kyouko Sakura and her personality and attitude makes her who she is. Although sometimes her mind goes one-way at times, she is pretty responsible with things when she's given a chance. Not a lot could be said about her until you've had contact with her. The walk to school wasn't as long as she thought, but there were a lot of students going the same way. They all wore the same icky uniform as Kyouko's. For a moment, she had a look of disgust on her face. It was as if she bit a part of it, swallowed it and had a really bad aftertaste.
         A long day was ahead of her and nothing could stop that from happening. The weight behind her became a bit heavier as her arms started to feel numb. It didn't really bother her, but there are times when things did. Like there was a time when Kyouko had to be bothered about this and that while training to be a Magical Girl from a certain older girl who was known for her kind and wise personality. She knew it was best to have experience as soon as possible, but sometimes it just didn't cut it for Kyouko. She'd sometimes run into battle with pre-formed witches as her mentor would fall shortly behind, telling her to be patient and not jump into it without any intelligence about said enemy. Kyouko would smirk, thinking she got it in the bag. But truly at the end of it all, she'd feel defeated being saved by the one she learned her basics and training from. Her name was Mami Tomoe.
         She was a young girl who had Kyouko's respect. For that she had done to keep her sanity was a mystery. The idea of fighting witches and being a heroine was something out of an anime. Mami also named her techniques and called them out loud as she used them. There was talent as well when she fought the witches and alike with grace and posterity. Her whole image just tells you how much they take care of everything around them, even herself. She has blonde hair which is a bit short, but on each side of her head near the front was what would be characterized as "twin drills". They are usually used on those who have had a wealthy lifestyle or experience. Kyouko doesn't know her past, but she had a feeling that's what made her a Magicial Girl today.
         As the red headed tomboyish girl was lost in thought, a muffled voice was coming in from behind her and footsteps shortly followed. Before she was able to react, a figure started to wrap their arms around Kyouko's waist from behind and had their head pressed against her back. Without any hesistation, she turned her body around and head to face whoever is on her with an angry look in her eyes.
         "HEY! Whadoya think you're doin'?!" Kyouko grinded her teeth as she was looking at the accomplice. When their eyes met, she couldn't believe at how this person looked. "I-I'm sorry! I thought you were someone else.." The girl replied with sincere apology. She was of a small stature with long brown hair which was shining and beautiful. Her big doll-like eyes were piercing through Kyouko as if she was being enchanted by her presence. Her whole existence was almost too much for Kyouko, but she didn't let that show, acting like nothing fazed her.
         "Don't make the same mistake again, ya dummy." "O-Okay.." Kyouko started to walk away from the girl as she stood there, lost in thought after the whole incident. Maybe Kyouko didn't want to be friendly with the girl as she had bad experience with strangers and the like. Showing honesty and trust isn't her thing, but it doesn't mean she doesn't like the idea of making friends. That single image of that girl became imprinted within her mind. To her, the dream of a doll-like person truly came to light. Maybe it was a dream and she didn't realize she was sleeping and would be truly mad at the thought of being late to her 1st day of school. She pinched herself on the cheek.
         "Ow!" It was hard enough to make her cheek red, but it didn't wake her besides from the bit of being lost in thought. As time ticked, she started to sprint towards the way to the school. It felt weird feeling her skirt flutter as she moved forward, thinking someone can easily look up her skirt. The thought embarassed her and adjusted to walking rather than running at full speed. In time, she finally reached her way there and was welcomed by the student council at the entrance who seem to be there to check on others for their outfits. In the front of the group was an older girl who had her arms crossed in front of her chest. The aura she gives out is a strong one, of will and courage. Her long dark hair was to her waist, maybe a bit longer. Uniform's the same as every other girl there. She started to point out at a few who stood out.
         "Fix your shirt! It's not adjusted right.. and you! Get your hair straighten out! It looks like you've just gotten out of bed!" "But I did..." "Don't talk back to me!" Kyouko started to laugh a bit from observing the small interaction. Little did she know, this girl had a sharp eye for almost anything. In what seem to be instanteous, she pointed her index finger right at Kyouko and yelled out, "Hey! What are you laughing at?!" "E-Eh?" "Come over here.." The girl tapped her right foot repeatedly while Kyouko stepped up to her. She gave Kyouko a glance and pointed to her chest. "Would you happen to be the transfer student?" She nodded afterwards and then a boy in glasses went by the older girl's side and whispered to her ear. Her eyes were toward his direction while listening to what he was saying. She pulled away from him and spoke once more. "Kyouko Sakura, Junior class."
         "Welcome to our school, lil lady." She then rose her arm up and had her thumb out of her fist, pointing at the guy near her. "Kitamura here will show you around and..." The girl's eyes looked at Kyouko with such seriousness. "Follow the rules and all when you're here at school. As long as you do that, we'll have no trouble with ya." After the small talk, Kyouko followed Kitamura around as he introduced the school's hallway and classes to her. "The President sometimes isn't very clear with her words, so that's where I come in."
         The school itself was bigger on the inside and there were many hallways and stairs that soon followed in Kyouko's tour of the place. Time started to run out, so Kitamura led her to the main class she'll be with for the year. As soon as they've reached the door, he chuckled slightly. "Isn't that amusing?~ It seems that we're in the same class."
         Kyouko was as surprised as he was about the sudden realization. "You'll have to wait here 'til the teacher comes by. Make sure to introduce yourself properly." She nods in response as she was left at the doorway, seeing the hallways becoming less and less crowded. In what seems to be the longest time, an older woman approaches the classroom door that Kyouko patiently stood by. The woman was staggering a bit with some books in hand, but it looked like she can handle herself.
         "H-Hi there!" The voice from the older woman who finally reached within Kyouko's arm distance. "You must be Kyouko, the transfer student." "Yes, ma'am."
         The teacher tried to reach the handle to the door, but instead Kyouko opened it up for her. She expressed a kind smile before heading in, while telling Kyouko she'll give her the signal to come in to introduce herself and the like. Kyouko nodded as the teacher walked inside the classroom, shutting the door behind her. The red-headed young girl in a uniform of which she despises so stands in an empty hallway with school bag in hand, waiting patiently for her time to shine or so people might say. The seconds that passed were feeling like minutes, sometimes even longer than that. While in some kind of daydream where she was thinking back of how things used to be back in Mitakihara with the ones she's known as companions, a muffled voice came through to her.
         "Please come in!" It sounded like the teacher's voice, all happy and excited. Kyouko snapped out of it and grinned a bit, closing her eyes as she slid the door open, with bag over her right shoulder. She wanted everyone want to know not to mess with her. That and she isn't interested into making friends or so she thought. She can feel everyone's eyes on her. Kyouko lets out a "heh" with a cheeky grin imagining what's going on in their heads. 'She's so cute with that long red hair!' or 'That girl's got a badass looking attitude... I like it~'
         The teacher turned herself to Kyouko, who is now in the center of attention in the front of the classroom. "Everyone, she is a new transfer student and she'll be joining our class! So please make her feel welcome!" As she opened her eyes in front of the class, she let out a bit of a glare before introducing herself. There were eyes of excitement and some envious, probably from her looks or the aura she gives off. "Name's Kyouko Sakura. Nice to meet cha!" Her somewhat decent tone with them made her feel a bit nice, but there was something that was setting her off. She couldn't point it out right away until she gave the class a look over. Kyouko's red eyes opened wide when her eyes met another. No, this wasn't love or anything like that. It was a reaction of which cause Kyouko to not hesistate what was on her mind. It seems the other person had the exact same thought as the two pointed at each other, saying the following words: "You again?!"
         "D-Do you two know each other?" The teacher asked as she stuttered a bit, feeling some sort of nervousness. Kyouko remained quiet for a moment as she closed her eyes, then shortly shaking her head. "No, I don't." Even in this sight behind the darkness within her mind, she can feel the stare coming at her from this other certain person. "Um, as long as it's nothing, p-please keep it peaceful. And Sakura-san, your seat will be next to..." She then points at the empty seat on the left of the small girl who've she met before. Kyouko took her seat and placed her bag on her right, hanging from the little hook on the side of the desk. As she sat on the chair, she looked to the right of her with her arms around her own waist. The girl with long brown hair who almost resembles something like a doll had her eyes look to Kyouko. She was clearly not happy as her posture tells Kyouko so. The girl's body was straightened up against the backside of the chair with her small arms up across from her chest with her legs close together.
         Before the two knew it, rumors started to spread around about them. Some were about how the two were rivals in the past and meeting again was no mere coincidence. Others were of similar circumstances. The first day of school was not in any way comfortable or managable, but Kyouko came through. She knew she was being observed by the Palmtop Tiger, which students and teachers call the doll-like petite girl named Taiga Aisaka. She then wondered about why they call her so. At the end of the school day, Kyouko found herself surrounded by a few other female students asking her various things like who does her hair or where did she get the lil hairbow and etc. In the corner of her eye, she sees the Palmtop Tiger leave her desk and started heading for the door.
         "I'm sorry. I hafta get goin'. We'll talk later, alright?" Kyouko said in a rush while getting off her chair and started to follow her out the classroom and into the entrance where they would switch their shoes in their small lockers. She stopped herself from getting any closer to Taiga and observed from a distance around the corner of the lockers. A minute later as she readied herself to go talk to her, a guy taller than the both of them came by Taiga's locker. He looked like a delinquent with his sharp-looking eyes, but he doesn't faze the little girl at all. In fact, she just gave him a slight punch in the gut. Then Kyouko heard the following in a loud voice: "Y'think this plan is gonna work, ya mutt?!" "Geez, I never said anything like that. And stop doin' that! People'll get the wrong idea... again!"
         Kyouko pulled herself back, resting herself against the side of the lockers. "That girl is more interestin' than I thought.." Her eyes were locked to the floor as her mind wandered. She was quiet until somebody tapped her shoulder. It snapped her back into reality as she turned her head to the person at her side. This person was filling the reflection in Kyouko's eyes. They were wearing the same uniform as her but they were taller with a slim-like body. Their long blue hair that went past their waist and had a look in their eyes that made them look cute and innocent, but for some reason Kyouko didn't buy it.
         "Hi there~ You're Sakura-san, right?" The girl asked with her blue eyes looking back into Kyouko's red eyes. Kyouko nodded and felt her hands grabbed by this girl who only made her existence known just now. "H-Hey... don't get too comfy with me. I don't like it." She pushed her off her hands and gave the slim-looking girl a glare. "Ohhhh, you're scarin' me~ Please stop frightening me~" Her sarcastic tone came out as Kyouko started to grab her collar, with her temper building up. "Y'know, you're more annoying than ya look. So, for now, Imma give you a warning. Stay away from me, got it?" The girl laughed at Kyouko as their eyes continue to lock, not blinking for a moment.
         "You're just like Taiga, you know? She's always acting like she's tough, but deep inside she's soft. But I suppose everyone would have a past they don't wanna talk about." "Tsk.." Kyouko let her collar go and walked away from the blue-haired girl, making her way towards Taiga. Without a notice, Taiga was gone but the guy was there, fixing her locker up.
         "Maybe I should talk to him.." She stepped forward to him and tapped his back from behind. "Taiga, you have to clean your locker up! It's always a mess... I swear... I have no idea how you-" He realized it wasn't her, but the transfer student in their class. "Oh. Hello.. Um.. Sakura-san, is that correct?" "Yeah.." "My name's Ryuuji Takasu." "It's nice to meetcha, Takasu-kun. May I.. speak with you in private?" "Sure."
         The two walked to the side of the school next to a baseball field where it's now occupied by the softball teams at their school. Kyouko placed her left hand on the fence while watching the players on the field while Ryuuji was behind her to the right, looking at them as well. "Sorry to bother ya, but what's Taiga.. or Aisaka-san like? Is she as bad as everyone makes her out to be or was that all just a lie?" "I'm not sure what you've heard but Aisaka isn't a bad person, just has a bad thing with her temper.
         She turned her body towards him as she let go of the fence. "I s'pose that's a bit of relief." Ryuuji then looked at her with some sort of curiosity. His left hand rose slightly forward from his side while his right hand was in his right pants pocket, comforting itself like a little nest of sorts. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why are you asking stuff about Aisaka-san?" Kyouko let out a chuckle, looking up to the cloudless blue sky with her hair breezing with the small burst of wind.
         "I'm not sure, to be honest. Maybe she reminded me of someone I used to know or.. I feel like she seem like something outta some fairy tale." "I see.." Ryuuji looked down onto his left hand which closes into a fist. "I wish I knew more about her.. but she's always a burden when she's such a klutz. I mean it's not that bad but I think she's hiding something from me lately. Her face says it all whenever I ask her what's going on."
         Kyouko looks at Ryuuji with such expression as she says to him, "Maybe she likes you." He was speechless for a moment, then laughts a bit about it. "I don't think we have that type of relationship." Her body turns back towards the fence and looked towards the field before looking back at Ryuuji with her head tilted, her hair hanging back tied into a ponytail. "Don't assume our intuition is wrong and don't think it's not possible 'cause you know it as well as I do that it's there." She smirks before straightening herself back to normal and turns around, starting her way back to school. While raising her right hand over her shoulder and her back to him, she says "Thanks for that and I'll see ya around, Takasu-kun." He then lets out a short wave goodbye as the sun begins to go down for the day.
         After gathering her things before heading off to leave for home, she made a stop at the convenience store, buying a bunch of snacks. Some good ol' Pocky and apples. These were her favorites among favorites and would have them almost everyday. On the way home, she begins to sense something out of the ordinary. In fact, it was a feeling she was used to reading. A witch has made their presence in some abandoned building off the street close to her house. It was a large building which use to hold storage containers for miscellanous stores and small companies. The front door of the place was locked, but there were other ways to get in. The windows were one of them as they can be pushed open, tilting the whole thing back enough in order for Kyouko to slip inside. She had to leave her bag outside because it didn't have enough room for the open gap by the window.
         Before she knew it, she found herself in another world. A world of oddly themed monsters who resembled off some foreign fairy tale and the world itself was as orange as the sunset, filled with small houses and paper-like creatures with knives and forks. It seems like a feast was starting up.. until Kyouko crashed it with her presence there. "Hey you weirdos.. hope y'all don't mind I take your boss out of commission 'fore you carry on now, would ya?" The entire group of monsters focused their attention to Kyouko as her body levitated, glowing in red. Piece by piece, her clothing started to change. From her feet to her chest, the whole sequence changed her from an ordinary high school girl to a magical girl! The outfit she now adores is trimmed with small white frills and accompanied in red velvet-like colors in a sleeveless top with a red jewel embedded onto her chest, not her clothing. Her pinkish red skirt fluttered a bit as she landed on her own two feet. Once her heels touch the ground, the mischievous red obsessed girl pulled out some Pocky and stuck on between her teeth, grinning at the lowly creatures before her. With her right arm extended outward to the side, a light enveloped in orbs of tiny specks of red appeared. It started to make form from one end to the next. The light formed into a solid weapon reassembling a large spear with its head embedded in nothing but red and white. As it finally completed its transformation, Kyouko grabbed hold of it and spun it around at her side before stopping it with the strength of both of her hands at the midst of the spear, which was Kyouko's favorite toy to play with. Without hesitation, she snapped the Pocky in her mouth and started charging at the monsters before her. "Say yer prayers, ya monsters!"
         Kyouko twirled the spear in her hand, slashing and thrusting with the might of her weapon, disintegrating all the smal monsters with ease. She laughed as she killed all of them, but one monster was not amused. In fact, their appearance speaks for themselves. The garble-speaking being had many arms for which they can extend to long distances resembling tree branches and the way they look.. it was if the whole thing was poured acid upon it and mixed with a laddle, with distanct eyes of red. It stomped the ground with its arms and had Kyouko's attention.
         "You must be the big cheese.." She let out a smile, but not at how it appeared before her but at the thought of the fun she'll have killing it. Kyouko starts sprinting toward the witch and made the first move. It read her attack as a frontal assault so it brought its arms directly between them. Kyouko grinned as her spear curved around the defense and lodged its sharp head into its side. The weapon she wielded was more deceiving than it looks. It had an ability of which it can break into chains and be swung like so to be offensive or defensive depending on the situation. With Kyouko's trusty spear and battle experience, it took her no time at all to defeat this witch. Unfortunately, for her, it was a low ranking witch. As her spear was pulled away after the last strike into the heart of the witch, the world slowly came back to normal, bringing back reality to Kyouko. For a seemingly easy victory for her, she took out some Pocky, popped it inside her mouth and ate it.
         "So much for some fun.." The magical girl returned back to an ordinary one in what seems like it took no time at all. Before Kyouko, a Grief Seed was dropped to the ground, clinking like bits of glass, but it did not break. It was a solid odd-looking accessory of sorts, emitting a dark black aura but it was not frightening at the very least. Kyouko bends over to pick it up and places it against a red jewel accessory which was her source for power in battles such as this. It seem to have cleansed the jewel she held. She sighed a bit and climbed her way out of the window, only finding someone has been watching her.
         "W-What are you doing here?!" Kyouko's red eyes opened up as she pointed at this person. "And what are ya doin' with my bag?!" "Uhhh.. it's not what you think!" "Oh yeah..?" "Lemme explain, Sakura-san!" "I sensed something odd about the area after leaving the convenience store and.." "So you were following me, huh?" "N-No, I wasn't!" "Yeah, sure.." Kyouko didn't buy into her story and the person admitted that they were following them after leaving a certain guy to her locker.
         "But why?" "'cause I thought you weren't gonna be in terms with me or something.." "So you wanna be friends?" The little stature person nodded and Kyouko couldn't help but giggle. "Geez, you are something, Aisaka-san." "S-Shut it." Kyouko rubbed the back of her head and asked her newly-made friend something. "Did ya happen to see.. anything I did in there?" She pointed at the building beside them. "No.. why?" "No reason~" Kyouko imagined Aisaka-san trying to peek over the window frame, but couldn't due to her height. She laughed out loud, holding her stomach as she did. "W-What's so funny?" Taiga asked Kyouko after she finished holding her insides. "Nothin', just nothin'."
         Kyouko lets her right hand out to Taiga, wanting her to hand her school bag. "S-Sorry.. here ya go." "You.. didn't take anything, right?" "I didn't." "Good.. 'cause I'd mess your hair up real good if ya did." She then takes the bag from Taiga and puts it over her right shoulder. A thought came up to Kyouko and shortly after asked, "Wanna come to my place? It's like right around the corner." She points her thumb out to the side with her left hand. "Y-Yeah.. I'd like to." "Cool beans~"
         The Palmtop Tiger follows Kyouko to her small home. It's not as big as her own, but at least they're probably thankful for having one. The door creaked as the red-haired girl pushed it open. The sight of the place wasn't that much different from her own. Old and used clothes all over the floor along with a messy bed, her only pillow set against the bed's side. It was as if she fell out of bed after waking up to an alarm or something. "Sakura-san.." "Call me Kyouko, Taiga." "T-Taiga?" "Yeah, that's your name, right?" "Well, yeah.."
         Taiga walks up to Kyouko and looks up at her as she spoke the following words: "Why'd ya come to our small city? I heard you came from a big ol' place." As a response, she shrugged and locked up to the side, staring into the ceiling of the room. "I was bored back there and thought a whole new place would be amusin'." She smiled, hiding the fact she's only there for witches and the like. She now sits by her desk while telling Taiga to "make herself at home," taking her seat afterwards onto Kyouko's bed. Her legs dangle below her as she looked around the somewhat messy, but empty-like feeling room. In the peripheral of her vision, the clock by the bed hits 6pm and it hid almost all of the sunlight from the sky. Taiga starts to panic a bit and gets off the bed, turning her body towards the door. With her luck, she wouldn't be able to reach the door without falling over.
         "A-Ah, I'm sorry, Kyouko. I hafta get goin' home." "No biggie, I'll see ya tomorrow, alright?" "See ya later!" She makes her way out with her things and closes the door behind her. Kyouko had her eyes on Taiga the entire time she was leaving. "Heh, so Taiga and I are friends now. Who knew?" After placing her arms behind her back, she starts to untie her ponytail and releases her full hair out behind her body. It past her waist and was certainly one of the prettiest-looking hair around the school. She let out a yawn before resting her head on the desk, slowly closing her eyes before she was interrupted by a sound from the window. "H-Huh..? Who is it this time? I swear if it's a witch.." The long-haired tomboyish girl made her way out of the chair and to the window, looking outside.
         "W-What the hell are you doing here?!" She yelled out to them, only ending themselves in some muffled state. Kyouko rushed out of the building, meeting this person face to face.
         "Kyouko, we have to talk." The girl said to her with a odd look in her eyes. She was in some long-sleeved top with a skirt, in a color scheme of purple and white. Her arms were placed across her chest as they were talking, still surprising Kyouko with her presence.
         "What'd ya want?" "I'd like for you to return to the city." "Ain't it yours now since you have no competition?" The mysterious-looking girl rose her right hand slightly off her chest, pointing at Kyouko. "No. We just have.. a bit of a problem with a certain someone." "What? You don't mean.." The long black-haired young girl nodded and places her arms to her sides, turning their back to Kyouko. "Whether you want to or not, in the end she'll have met her fate.. once again." The girl's piercing purple eyes looked back to her while raising her right hand over her left sleeve, slowly uncovering a shield-like item strapped to it. Kyouko was thinking of what can be done this time around, but didn't say anything back to the girl. "Do what you want." "Hmm.. who knows. Maybe she'll move over here and meet up with you. Wouldn't you like that?" Kyouko grinned at the back of the girl's head. "Don't make me laugh, Homura." "I am not here to amuse you. Thought I'd let you know."
         Homura turns herself toward an alley which was void of any light sources and started to walk toward it before Kyouko stops her by a hand on her shoulder. As their eyes met through their peripherals, Kyouko speaks out to Homura with determination. "If you can bring her here, maybe I'll.. be able to do something this time around." Silence fell before them for what seems like an hour, but then Homura spoke. "I'll do what I can." She then waits for Kyouko to pull her hand away before completely disappearing into the darkness. No sounds were emitting from the same alley, but Homura's presence was all over it until light came through, making it not so dark anymore.
         Kyouko makes her way back up to her place, now tired physically and mentally. She reaches the bed and crashes on top of it, facedown on her stomach. "What a day.." She said to herself, muffling it into her pillow. Her body turns over, looking up at the ceiling. The girl placed her right hand over her forehead while the other arm rested at her side, feeling a bit relief with her body's pose. "I wonder what Taiga's doin' right now.." She tried to give it a moment to sink in, but couldn't. Her body and mind was out of it, having herself pass out to dreamland. There's always another day to look forward to, right?
An Introduction to a Certain Red Head
I know I'm bad with titles, but this was basically it.
Please read the story before reading the description, if you would.
It helps, y'know.


So this introduction is suppose to be into the [enter series here] world by doing this odd crossover with [enter magical girl name here] and [enter Tsundere queen here]. I remember writing that thing one time for Taiga, but it was more like how would you feel if you were in the character's shoes?
That sorta thing.

It's in the gallery somewhere.. POV of the Palmtop Tiger or the like.

Lemme know what you think.
Took me almost 3 months for this.. ; w;
I suckkkkk. </3

Image Source for the preview: [Click here]
If you like the Touhou Project and some catchy music
(particularly of one lil infamous shrine maiden)
then I've got a treat for you!

The music played in this is actually by a group (or a band) who played together in order to make this song and possibly even more stuff~

On an unrelated note, I was thinking whether I should just make a separate thing for all things that are not related to what I was doing previously for years as in my photography. The question is, "Should I make a new username and such that can be related to other hobbies I like doing like writing and/or video game commentary?"

Thank you in advance for answering~
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