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the secret life of figures
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I suppose after all this time, I still know how to do the usual. Frick me.

Ahem, welcome welcome to the show!
My name's Kin and that's all you need to know!
Because.. I'm terrible at speeches and hosting.

Lawl. Oh well.
To welcome myself into the new year, I started off (literally within the 1st hour) to watch a series called "Psycho-Pass" and I gotta say..
After finishing it within a few days, it was fantastic!
Sci-fi.. Detective Work.. all that just makes it awesome.
Characters.. I love all of them.
It's like they have a unique thing going.
Akane.. she's always there to show them the right and wrong.
Maybe once I start season 2 (with English Dubs, not Jap Dub).. I'll get into it again.
I'm just gonna be patient and wait for it to complete before I dip myself in it.

Ha ha, dip.. like I'll use that word again.

Erm, other than that, I've just been in a deeper and deeper hole with Destiny.
Y'know.. that crappy game everyone hates?
Oh wait.. that's like with almost every video game out there.
Don't hate the playa, hate the game!

God, shoot me..

Don't get me wrong.. I still love Taiga.
Taiga's my f'n waifu for life!
And.. the fact she loves me being her dog.

"Sit, boy!"
Oh wait.. wrong series.

Bleeeeeeeeeeh, life is boring.
Reality is boring.
I'm boring!

Have I lost it?

'Cause I Feeeeeeeeeeeel ~
My God, that song..

And dat face..

*Sighs happily* ~

Erm.. so!
What's going on with everyone else?
Or.. anyone who's reading this? >>;;
I personally don't think I am.
But photography is another thing..
Though age is a number that can only be classified with the way you represent it.
Whether it is mature or selfish, it is still something.

A meaning deeper than itself.

Heh heh, ignoremeplz~
There's always that time where everything is against me.
And it's because of the way I am.
I guess I don't give enough cares in the world or something.
Maybe I was betrayed countless times to counteract that.

Who knows.

How can someone gain the ability to care when the person doesn't obviously have it?
Am I to blame for their hatred? Their sole reason to wish me away?

Personally, I am one of the worst.. somehow.
Why am I the only one who can cry... when I can't feel anything?

Kin's Tumblr..


Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States

OrlyDave's Gamercard

Introduction & Such

Welcome to my profile, fellow deviants!
I'm not much of a talker, but I will try to make our conversations enjoyable!

I first became a member of deviantART right 'round Nov. 2011 which is about the time when my love for figurines started to become more serious. Photography has also become a hobby too at the time.

(Because using a webcam is pretty terrible. Lol.)

It hasn't been long since but both figurines and the number of photos continue to rise as time goes by. To this day, I am not sure how many figurines I truly have. Eh heh.

(Unless someone is curious about it and dare me to count them all.)

Other than those two, I have a hobby for writing, usually things like fanfics or poetry. Depending on the mood.

And uh, video games. (Lame, I know.)
My favorite series around would be the Legend of Zelda series. To be more exact with an actual game, those from the original Nintendo 64 console. I bet those who had that baby remembered blowing into the cartridge to make it the games work.. Ah, the memories.

Now to my otaku-ness.. or whatever you wanna call it.
My favorite series around.. are Toradora!, Steins;Gate, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Black Rock Shooter and Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Not in this particular order.



Taiga Aisaka :icontaigaaisakaplz:
Dead Master :icondeadmasterplz:
Kyouko Sakura :iconkyoukosakuraplz:
Mami Tomoe :iconmamitomoeplz:
Strength :iconstrplz:


(Tell me)
"Why?" (or)
Why not! ~

*Win to those who get it*

I don't have much to say about myself other than that.. but if you have a question about something or you want to talk, leave a comment below or send me a PM.
I'll answer you with a reply as soon as possible ~

Thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy looking through my things!

(Just don't touch anything.. especially Taiga's bu-)

:icontaigaaisakaplz: - *Growls*

Oh sh*t.

/Rant End


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I love love love your photography and figures. <333
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I thought mines are a bit ordinary, but I'm glad you've enjoyed them~
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Thank you for the fav of my Tribute to Monty Oum <3
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Happy (really belated) birthday! <3 <3 <3
It's been so long... I hope you have been well! I really, really miss you. Life has been too busy ;_;
Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I <3 you onii-chan and that you are awesome!~ *glomps*
bezefang Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Happy birthday Kuro! Sorry I haven't been to devianart for a long time. Don't worry about me, I'm still here. :)
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